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Monster Mother Almost Killed Her Cancer-Stricken Son

A mother nearly killed her cancer-stricken son by injection with faeces in an attempt to transferred to another floor of the hospital.

The 41-year-old woman named Teacher Tiffany Alberts has been imprisoned for seven years for doing the offensive procedure during the period of the 15-year-old was admitted to the hospital.

In Indiana, the doctors of that hospital got dubious while the 15 years old boy increased various kind of blood infections, which could not be explainable.

For understanding and resolving what was happening with the teen boy, they put secret cameras in his room to tried to solve the puzzle with recording.

The infections could have reached the teen to the death, who undergoes blood cancer, and doctors had to stop his chemotherapy treatment for two months. That could decrease the boy’s possibilities of living.

The harsh mother firstly claimed following being detained to have shot water into the IV to clean the line because her son’s medicine was hurting him.

Later, she confessed to the police that she’d injected her boy with his poo, and said it was for his advantage.

The crucial mother said to investigators that she did it only in a bid to get the boy sent to another floor of the hospital, where she felt he would get better treatment.

Earlier this year, Alberts lost her husband, she confessed to injecting the IV many times. According to a report, in September, she has declared an attempted homicide charge.

Although she was convicted on Thursday for aggravated assault and chaos of her son, the teen is now declared to be doing fine.

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