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Money Heist: These Characters Deserve A Spin-Off! List This!

It’s no surprise that Netflix has kept Money Heist for so long.

The Spanish heist drama has been the most-watched non-English show on the streaming service and it’s clear why people are addicted. The professor (Alvaro Morte) and his eight colleagues plan to rob the Spanish Royal Mint and the Bank of Spain after their elaborate plans, Money Heist has an incredible amount of money to twist.

We are patiently waiting for Money Heist’s comeback in four parts, so people about Tatiana reject Alice’s theory, which is obviously not true. Fortunately, Netflix knows our addiction well and has reportedly already revamped the Money Heist for Part Five (and expects a sixth!) But we’re not here to talk about the main show Son.

Money Heist spin-off on Netflix

Jesús Colmenar, director of Money Heist Part Four, recorded a spin-off for the work at the Andalusian City International Film Festival. While this is no guarantee, it has certainly left fans dreaming of another Money Heist show in their heads.

Anyone on board yet?

Short answer: no. Long answer: none has been officially confirmed. If Colmenar is commenting on the state of the spinoff, it’s safe to say he will have some involvement. There is no news from Money Heist creator Alex Pina if he has any derivative share.

As nothing has been officially said about the split, we don’t know who is among them. But we can dream about what the show will focus on. We have some ideas of our own for a possible money theft spin-off. If you are reading this then Netflix please contact us so we can discuss these releases in more detail.

The Apple: Berlin and the Professor’s past

Isn’t it interesting that both the teacher and Berlin are planning these elaborate crimes as their destiny? What was the past like for both of you? Apple can take a closer look at the education of the two brothers and their father, seeing how they both dabbled in the looting business.

Substitute: The Brothers

Still in his past, but after childhood, the Brothers in Berlin and the teachers could focus on their former heirs. Each episode will focus on a different heir who had planned in his past about his Royal Mint in Spain before his successor.

Raquel in her days as a detective: Madrid PD

Yes, there certainly are enough police procedures these days, but Itzir Ituno has enough charm to support a new one. Specifically, the Madrid PD focuses on the ex-Money Heist. Having an international police drama will have a new impact on tired style.

Tokyo’s Dating Life: Tokyo Stories

International Woman of Mystery Tokyo tells us a bit about her through the backstory, but we know more about everyone else than she does. While we know her romance with Rio, what about her previous love life? Tokyo Story will be an interesting romantic drama, which will analyze Tokyo’s love life during his time as a runaway bandit.

Mr. Rio

Okay, maybe this is too far-fetched an idea, but imagine Mr. Robot with Rio. Tell us you wouldn’t like to see Rio as an international master hacker, using his skills to help steal wealthy and redistribute wealth? So it may be that he has a literal role in Money Heist, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t even deserve his own show.

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