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Money Heist Season 5: Major Fan Theories For Finale Season

Money Heist is finally on the way to its end, and fans are concluding many theories about the possible plot of the last season. So there are some fan theories to look upon and debunked many existing ones.

Tokyo Will Be Lone Survivor

Yes, you read it right, Tokyo will be the only one who will come out alive after their heist. As per her narration, it is believed that someone caught her or she is telling the whole scenario to someone. Her narration clearly looks like she is the only one who could be the lone survivor post heist as the gang already came down to half in the past season. Nairobi’s execution and there is still more to come as the final season will be more thrilling than ever.

Alicia Sierra- Tatiana

We are getting underway to both the aspects of the theory; first, we will support it, and second, we will rule it out by Justifying some serious facts about it.

Money Heist's Alicia Sierra Is Who I Want to Be When I Grow Up

Source: Decider

Supporting the Theory

It’s evident that Alicia’s husband is dead, and she concluded that he died from Cancer. However, Raquel only knows about her husband, but she is never acquainted with him. Even the names of her husband and Berlin have similarities as his husband’s name was German. So we could support this theory on the same case, and after her pointing the gun at Professor, there could be Reunion on the cards as the show is already full of surprising elements.

Opposing The Theory

However, when there is support for this theory, there are still some factors that prove the fact that Alicia could not be Tatiana at all. Taking the timeline into consideration, Berlin died two years ago, and she is pregnant. Currently, so technically, there is no chance that it could be Berlin’s child. However, a second interaction with somebody else could support the theory. However, Alicia is already acquainted by Colonel Tamayo, so it’s not a coincidence that they know each other for a long time.

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