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Mom Accused Of Fleeing Away With Newborn Baby

An infant is missing for 3 days

It’s been three days since Texas newborn Armaidr Argumon was last seen, and volunteer search engines are hoping to find something that will bring it to him.

Antwan Marki Argumon month was reportedly last seen on September 18 in Wells, Texas near the 500th block of Old Forest Road at around 7:30 am. The next day, the authorities discovered the truck where they saw the child last time and arrested his father, Deandre Argumon, for questioning.

The East Texas Missing Center says the baby’s father may have been the driver of a truck that police found.

The officers are seeking help from the family members and neighbors

Family members and community volunteers are now scouring the neighborhood, hoping to find something that will lead them to the missing child.

Search engines are hoping to find something inappropriate, including baby clothes, objects, or noisy areas.


Deandre Argumon remains behind bars on unrelated charges. He is currently not accused of kidnapping and claimed to have given Armaidr to the baby’s mother.

Authorities have not yet confirmed or denied the veracity of Yakeya Argumon’s claims about the baby’s mother. However, officials believe Armaidre is in immediate danger.

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