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Modern Family Alum Fred Willard Dead At 86

Fred Willard has died at the age of 86, and his daughter has shared condolences!

There was no fan of Modern Family who did not love Fred Willard and his character. He has now died from natural causes and was 86 years in age. His daughter, Hope, confirmed this news on Twitter.

She said that her father passed away peacefully the other night at the age of 86. She added that her father kept moving and working as well as making everyone happy until the very end, and they too loved him very much and are now going to miss him forever.

No one will ever be able to replace Fred Willard!

The man surely was an outstanding actor and recurred a role on the hit sitcom called Modern Family on ABC. He reprised the part of the fun-loving father of Phil Dunphy and then went on to earn his fourth Prime Time nomination at Emmy.

Throughout the 11 season run of the show, this character appeared but then died in an episode that aired back in January.

The man has got four nominations at Emmy Awards!

The first three of his Emmy nominations were because of his performances as a tradition-minded father of Amy on Everybody Loves Raymond where he was paired with Georgia Engel as his wife.

Before this great man died, he played the role of a father to a general in the show, Space Force which is a comedy series that premieres on the 29th of May on the streaming giant Netflix.

Here is what Steve Carell has to say about Fred!

Even Steve Carell, a fellow actor in this same show, tweeted back on Saturday, that Willard was the funniest person he ever knew.

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