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MISSION ABORT!!!NASA’s Historic Launch Aborted Due To Bad Weather Conditions

According to the latest information which everyone expecting at this crucial hour about the liftoff the demo-2 spacecraft, here comes the news.

SpaceX and NASA will need to wait to their historic launch of the Demo-2 spacecraft towards the International space station after there is an inclination of weather postponed the first crewed flight of the Crew Dragon on Wednesday.

For this mission of liftoff of Demo-2 Crew Dragon, the two astronauts Bob and Doug were decided to launch from Florida aboard Falcon 9 rocket at around 4.33 pm ET on Wednesday.

According to the earlier announcement made by the vice president, Hans – the preparations for the take-off of the spacecraft are made perfect, but the team would need the exact weather conditions that work for them during the liftoff.

But accordingly, the weather god has other plans for them. Demo-2 was down to over 17 minutes before launch when SpaceX and NASA have officially called it off.

The SpaceX team announced that they have to scrub due to the weather conditions and to be specific they are still in violation of one of the weather criteria’s: the strength of electric fields in the atmosphere.

The crew team needs a little more time to wait until the weather conditions are favourable for the launch of the spacecraft to ISS. Falcon 9 and Dragon had an instantaneous launch window and thus the SpaceX doesn’t hold the count and wait until the weather subsides.

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