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Michigan Couple Charged After Woman Points Gun At A Mother And Daughter

A couple is sent behind the bars after they pulled out the gun at the black mother and daughter duo

A couple involved in a confrontation with a mother and daughter outside Orion’s Chipotle restaurant is accused of assault, according to the Oakland district attorney’s office.

The suspects are identified as a middle-aged couple

County Sheriff Mike Boshar, president of Oakland County, announced at a press conference on Thursday, following the video in which he posted the incident, the allegations against Gillian Westenburg, 32, and her husband, Eric Westenburg, 42 years have spread.

The video shows a white woman pulling a gun on a black mother and her daughter outside Chipotle in Orion on Wednesday night.

Eyewitnesses informed the officers about the incidence

During Thursday’s press conference, Bouchard listened to four 911 calls from the accident and some incoming calls from passersby.

Erik is suspended from his job after the case

Erik Westenberg, who worked at the University of Auckland for veteran support services, was fired after the clash.

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