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Future Man Season 4: When It Likely To Hit The Screens?

Comedy series Future Man has garnered a huge fanbase for itself and was soon renewed for three back to back seasons. Now fans are wondering when is the fourth season happening and is it soon enough! Let us take a look at all the details of a possible fourth season.

Is Sci-Fi Comedy Series Future Man Getting Renewed For Season 4 Or Not?

It seems like we might have some bad news ahead as Hulu is not continuing with the sci-fi comedy series anymore. The streaming giant has other big projects in line, and now that Disney owns it, this series did not make it to the final cut! The story has more or less been wrapped up in the third season itself, and now it is time to bid the series our goodbyes!

HULU Has Canceled The Series For Any Further Season!

The comedy series has time and again made fans laugh with the eerie sense I humor and the content, which was unconventionally funny enough. However, we will surely miss the janitor/ gamer as the journey is not continuing with another new season. While the exact reason is still unknown, we can assume that it might be the fact that the series did not win any awards or did not capture huge mainstream attention, the network had to let go of the series.

The creator of the show has not yet commented on the sudden calculation, which might have come as a big blow even for the stars of the show as well. However, they have not commented on this news of the cancelation as of yet. However, Hulu is not continuing with the series, and we would miss the series. Moreover, the story did not have much to expand in the fourth season, even if it was happening.

The Cast Members Have Not Yet Talked About This Cancelation Yet!

Moreover, while the fourth season is not happening under the HULU banner, you all can binge-watch the third season, which has already been released on the streaming network. For now, we can watch that to relive the moments.

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