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Miami’s Day Care Employee Charged For Assaulting A Sleeping Baby


A daycare worker was arrested because he allegedly shook a baby boy four times and slapped him in a daycare in Northwest Miami-Dade.

Thumbelina Learning Center and Academy, located in Northwest Avenue, 8300 blocks, was arrested at around 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday.

Witness Report

According to a recording of an arrest, a witness told police officers that Marta Jimenez, 58, shook an 11-month-old child violently and struck his body and face before the day she dropped her child.

When she entered the room, the lady changed the baby’s pain grossly, then she sat down on him, took the baby, and began to shake him in the air regularly, said a witness to the case; then she put it down and started to beat him throughout his body. It’s sad, and after that, she has to look for somebody to call 911.

Jimenez refuted the claims.

At least one parent found it difficult to believe the alleged incident.

“It’s nice, this school. This is a very, very good school,” said parent Shakida Massie.

Massie’s two-year-old daughter attends Thumbelina Academy, and she said that she knows Jimenez well.

“She loved my husband. She loved my child. She loves children, period, “said Massie.

Jimenez’s Daughter Comment

The daughter of Jimenez told that none of the allegations were true.

It remains unknown how long Jimenez worked in a daycare before her arrest, but public media outlets described her as children at the beginning of 2017.

Angel said she had taken her kid from school, and she didn’t regret calling the police.

“It’s right to do that. Why should I ignore that?” She said. “Take care where you’re sending your kids.”

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