Merry Happy Whatever: Season 2? Are There Any Plans?

Initially developed as an anthology series, Merry Happy Whatever, is a family comedy created by Tucker Keavley. The story revolves around the Quinn family, who get together over the holidays. Of course, the show gained maximum popularity among viewers and thus forced the producers to air its second season.

After the huge success of the Netflix sitcom Merry Happy Whatever Seasons, two seeds may be at stake. In this show, the strong-willed father meets his daughter’s new lover as the situation spirals into chaos. Here’s what’s unfolded so far about the future of the Dennis Quaid-led series, including if and when it will be available to fans.

The renewal status of the Merry Happy Whatever season 2:

Netflix officially announces that the series will not return with another season on Netflix. Tucker Keavley confirmed in his Instagram post that the series would not be returning to Netflix.

Merry Happy Whatever Season 2: Canceled Or Renewed? Everything To Know
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What do we know about the Merry Happy Whatever season 2?

Merry Happy season 1 ends with Joe Matt’s victory over the family and Amy and their engagement. It also traces the marriage and dissolution of Amy’s sister Kayla when she comes out gay, and a possible romance between Kayla and her ex-husband’s assistant, or her love life in general, in future seasons. It can be an interesting point to discover.

In the meantime, there are clear wedding plans between our opponents, as well as Patsy’s pregnancy, Sean’s food truck, and whatever else happens between Don and Nancy. In short, the future season of Merry Happy doesn’t seem to be lacking in Quinn’s stories to explore, and that’s exactly what listener and writer Tucker Kawale envisions.

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The storyline of the Merry Happy Whatever

The plot of the first season of Merry Happy is committed to a victory over Amy and Amy with Matt. Amy’s sister Kayla’s marriage fell apart when she revealed she was gay. The possible romance between Kayla and her ex-husband’s assistant will be an exciting sub-story for the main plot. There are also plans for a wedding between the protagonist, Patsy’s pregnancy, Sean’s food truck, and Don and Nancy’s story. Quinn’s stories are not lacking for a certain future for Merry Happy, in fact, screenwriter Tucker Kavli doesn’t want it to end either.

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