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MCU’s Hercules: Suicide Squad Star Being Eyed To Portray?

MCU’s Hercules: Suicide Squad Star Being Eyed To Portray?

Hercules is a member of the Avengers for a very long time and even had been around it since the sixties. Though it is not yet a program on the big screen, yet it may be about to switch to the next stage 4.

A source informed us that Hercules is said to be on its way of development to MCU for them. The exact plans of the study for them are currently unclear, but they know they want him to be a recurring player, with a possible Disney Plus TV series on the card, as well as several possible movie appearances.

Hercules: Notice the added emphasis, even shown in Thor: Love and Thunder, we inform. It is not yet written in stone, but since Herc is traditionally portrayed as an antagonist of the God of Thunder, it makes perfect sense to present it to the MCU for the first time in that production.

Is Suicide Squad Star Being Eyed To Portray?

We also hear that Marvel is looking at Jai Courtney for this part The Australian star has already joined the superhero genre, certainly thanks to her turn as Digger Harkness, Captain Boomerang in Suicide Squad. He also prepares to surprise the observer in the upcoming James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad. Playing Boomerang reveals the skill of Courtney’s comedy and we know that he can play the role of an action hero in one of his many other roles, so he would definitely be a good candidate for the Greek half-god.

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