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Matrix 4: 5 Early Spoilers A Fan Should Know

It is no less of a feat for the matrix fans to see the franchise returning with the fourth movie. This is something that is going to break the glass ceiling. Considerable time has elapsed since the biggest turnarounds have happened in the series. This is something that has made the fans go gaga over the fourth edition of Matrix.

The franchise has revived Matrix after the great machine war and unbearable casualties in the form of Neo and Trinity. Two decades have passed since then, but finally, we will be getting the movie with both Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss returning in the fourth part of Matrix.

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There were apprehensions about the future of the franchise, but the producers smartly left some clues. The mother of the Matrix, Oracle, and its father figure, the Architect, did leave the opportunities for the future. They have hinted that the possibility of peace hasn’t been ruled out completely, and there is always a chance of establishing peace.

This is something that the aggrieved fans didn’t notice back then. The end was terrible, with Trinity succumbing to the injuries of the hoverboard crash. Neo made the sacrifice of his life for the greater good, although it was clear that the end of Neo’s character wasn’t an end in a real sense.

Five spoilers, a Matrix fan can’t afford to miss

  • The new movie is expected to have more than one “The One” in the fourth edition of the film. This is something that is going to be at the core of the fourth edition of Matrix. Not much has said about this, but the possibilities are high for sure.
  • This time Neo’s role can alter, and instead of being in the role of a protector, he might assume the role of a destructor. This is going to set an exciting premise for upcoming movies of the franchise.
  • There are speculations that the movie can act as a prequel to the original film. This means that Neo will be there in the film but in an altogether different role. This is quite astonishing, and if at all this happens, it isn’t going to be less than a feat for the fans.
  • Fans have always assumed that Morpheus is the sole villain. This time we are expecting to have a new villain. We don’t know exact details on it, but if this happens, it will augment the movie multiple folds.
  • After Trinity’s death, Neo doesn’t do anything to bring her back to life. This is something that has been itching fans since then, as he brought back in his uploaded consciousness. The fourth edition of Matrix is expected to use a similar concept to bring back Trinity to life. Her uploaded knowledge is going to be the way she will be born again to live.

There is a lot that is expected to happen, and now we have to wait for the movie to be released.

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