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Mark Hamill Desires To Perform A Character In The Witcher Season 2, Details Inside

Many fans have some interest in Mark Hamill joining the show, and surprisingly, Hamill is also on the card. He would be playing a character in season 2 of The Witcher.

As far as what his upcoming role may be, Hamill has got that a lot of fans of The Witcher want him to perform Vesemir, and he is interested in getting more.

Mark Hamill is down to clown, which makes sense regarding his contractual commitment to Disney has possibly reached its end.

Presently he is showing and developing his interest in The Witcher, which is already showing indications of being one of Netflix’s most excellent current originals (despite bad reviews).

Given Hamill’s pedigree and the recent resurgence in popularity and The Witcher‘s early victory on Netflix, this could be a match-up that actually gets folks eager for Season 2.

Here is a question arises, will Mark Hamill makes a good figure for Vesemir? For those that do not know the character, Vesemir is the eldest of the Witchers as well as the most experienced and skilled.

Vesemir is an instructor to Geralt, and a father figure of sorts as well. One could liken him to the Jedi Master of Witchers, but only if told Jedi Master did not know how to make more Jedi.

If Mark Hamill desires to perform Vesemir, he might want to take the Henry Cavill process of applying.

That means calling up the production crew early and regularly, and then showing you are worth the hype once they give you a shot, according to The Witcher‘s team.

Hamill has enough star potential. He is at least worth a look, though we have no information if the show already has an actor in the plot.

The Witcher Season 1 is recently open to stream on Netflix. Some sources hear more about the series, its future, and for more news occurring in the world of television and films.

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