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Manifest: NBC Renewed The Series For A Season 3

There are series that, if they are canceled suddenly, the spectators can feel very annoying. This is what happens with those series that bet all their cards on mystery and then leave you halfway. Manifest is one of them, one of which, if canceled, is a disaster to remember, and finally, the NBC channel, which broadcasts it in the United States, has made its decision.

Does Manifest have Only Third Season?

Luckily for viewers, the managers have considered that they want more episodes, and Manifest will have a third season. Until the last moment, there were doubts: the second season had dropped 40% of the audience in its live audience, settling for four million viewers.

Manifest Season 3
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But in the end, they ended up weighing the deferred figures that allowed them to gather a cumulative audience of 7.7 million. Manifest, which broadcasts HBO in Spain, had left an end more than open: with an unexpected resurrection and the finding of part of the 828 planes in the ocean. If the mystery had been left here, the public could not have been more dissatisfied.

The series created by Jeff Rake premiered in September 2017 and had an eye-catching premise: the Montego 828 flight from Jamaica to New York had turbulence midway. What was strong was that, when it landed, it had been a complicated but brief flight for the passengers, and for the rest of humanity, five and a half years had passed. Also, those on the plane developed a sixth sense.

NBC Removed The Program?

In the meantime, the article was posted on the wall by “Snyderide,” showing Kal Penn’s exposure to the former New York City Council, and NBC decided to remove her from the program just in time. “Shocked” completed its short movement in mid-April. Multiple came years are centered on Dave and Rebecca, young parents who are ready to save their lives after sleeping and sleeping. But Dave’s parents had no choice but to open the door to people who were not given everything when things went wrong.

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