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Man Detained By Cops After He Stabbed His Sister To Death

A 25-year-old old University of Texas at San Antonio football athlete charged in the deadly stabbing of his sister at a house north of Austin and has been arrested by the police, according to a source.

A 25-year-old player named Michael Egwuagu was accused of murder in the Friday killing of his 30 years old sister in Pflugerville, the Travis County sheriff´s department tells.

The sheriff´s office still has not revealed the name of the criminal’s sister, who officials state was wounded her and killed several times. After that, the sister of the criminal died on the spot.

The Sheriff’s department representative named Kristen Dark states officials were informed that the criminal’s sister was pregnant, but they are waiting on a post-mortem to authenticate that thing.

According to the information provided by the sources, bystander Ben Nguyen reported to a source that the hands and feet of Egwuagu were covered with the blood after the deadly stabbing about 5 pm Friday. At the scene, he was arrested.

‘It’s not something we expected to happen here. They were good people,’ Nguyen revealed.

‘This is a quiet neighborhood. She and her husband were very nice. They were very quiet,’ another neighbor Liskenia Tena continued.

On Saturday, Egwuagu was from Pflugerville, was being taken in Travis County prison.

Prison documents do not yet list a bail amount. The records also do not contain a lawyer for him, according to a source.

According to the reports, Egwuagu played protection at UTSA from 2013-16.

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