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Man Arrested For Allegedly Choking And Beating Girlfriend With A Fan

According to the police reports provided by the sources, the authority with the Baton Rouge Police Department tells a 27 years old man named Joshua Porter has been detained for beating his girlfriend very severely and threatening her baby.

On the 5th of November, the incident took place while the police answered a domestic situation on Plank Road, according to a police report.

The authority revealed that a woman said to them her 27-year-old lover Joshua Porter hold her by the neck, pushed her, and then pulled her down the hallway by her shirt before shouting at her 1-year-old baby, according to a source.

The victim stated he then held the one-year-old baby by his shirt and pants before throwing him into the hallway.

The woman alleged when she sought to defend her baby, Porter responded by killing her and using a fan to beat her, a source explained.

Further, the woman explained she ran to grab her son and escape to a friend’s house in St. Gabriel, where she called the cop.

The authority responds following failing to find Porter at his last verified address, and they asked a warrant for his arrest. Once it was announced, the cop was able to catch up with him on Monday, Jan. 6.

The 27-year-old Porter was detained on charges of the involvement of a series of a dating partner and baby endangerment, according to the information obtained by the sources.

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