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Man Accused of Slaying Swedish Ex-Girlfriend, Suspected Her As Satan


A man accused of beheading his 17-year-old ex-girlfriend in Sweden marked her as Satan and an enemy of his favorite Donald Trump.

Tishko Ahmed Shabaz began acting unusually and restraining his girlfriend Wilma Andersson before she disappeared last November, witnesses have told police.

Detectives were told how he thought she was Satan and worked with the Democrats against Trump.

Head Found Two Weeks Later

Wilma’s severed head was found two weeks after she disappeared, and 23-year-old Shabaz has now been charged with her murder, which he refuses.

Eyewitnesses claimed to investigators that Shabaz took control of Wilma’s life by checking her phone and deciding what clothes she would wear.

GPS tracker

He used to track her movements and had a GPS tracking app installed on her phone.

Shabaz is said to have worshiped Trump and even tried to travel to the US to help his re-election campaign.

However, he was checked at Stockholm’s main airport because he did not have the required entry documents.

Rushed To Hospital

Shabaz was charged with the murder last week, and reportedly found unconscious in his cell and taken to hospital.

He has since been transferred to another facility where he is kept under surveillance.

Wilma disappeared on November 14 last year, and police found a body part two weeks following, which was later unveiled to be her head.

Shabaz rejects the charges, and his trial is due to start on May 26.

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