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Made In Abyss Season 2: Anticipated Discharge Date And Other Details

Loosely based on the manga of the same name created by Akihito Tsukushi, Made In Abyss season one made their debut way back in 2017 and garnered a positive response, thus creating a huge fanbase for itself. However, now fans are waiting for the second a season, which is taking a bit too long to arrive. Let us take a look at the details of the second season, and when is it coming?

Is Made In Abyss Releasing A Second Season Anytime Soon?

With the first season making its inception back in 2017, the second season is still nowhere to be seen until now! While anime series does take some adequate time, fans seem to be waiting for too long over three years. Sadly, the studio might have some other plans regarding the story, which might prolong the wait even further.

A Big Screen Film Might Be On Its Way Soon Enough!

While it’s been a long time since we saw more adventures of Riko and her robot buddy Reg going through the journey of finding new creatures, there’s still no official word on the release date of the anime series. However, the story might continue on the big screens. Take a look at this Twitter post, announcing the compilation film that will keep the story even further.

While the fate of the series looks bleak, the story of a human and robot teaming up and going into the abyss of the unknown might be picked up for a big-screen adaptation. The film titled Dawn of the Big Soul is expected to make it’s way into the theatres first in Japan than might have a worldwide release.

The Second Season Might Not Be Coming Anytime Sooner Before 2024!

Now that the focus of the makers might have shifted towards the film, which might also help with the pace of the story that fans have complained about in the past. So, the second season might not be coming anytime before 2024. So, anime lovers need to wait for a while until the adventures unravel further. We sure are excited to see what’s next!

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