Mad Dogs Season 2: Renewed Or Cancelled?

Mad Dogs was one of the most successful Amazon series in 2016. Many fans believed that this success was almost a second season guaranteed. However, it was announced that this show would no longer feature adventures. What happened and why the second season was so suddenly canceled? Is there any possibility that there will be a return?

Mad Dogs On Amazon Prime

Mad Dog is a reboot of a British show explicitly made for Amazon Prime for people who never heard of it. The show explores crime and police corruption, a tense psychological thriller that draws fans through several exciting events. When it first aired, viewers were shocked by the frightening portrayals of crime and medieval hardships of the series.

The show has received acclaim for the talented cast and excellent direction of seasoned actors such as Ben Chaplin, Steve Zahn, Romany Malco, and Michael Imperioli. They are also known for their excellent music, fast tempo, and unexpectedly violent and dramatic moments. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come back for another go, as opposed to the British version.

The Series Was Canceled

The show’s executive producer, Shawn Ryan, sent 19 tweets describing the decision not to feature Mad Dogs a second season. Although we won’t dig into each of them too much, he said that behind the series Amazon and the production team had different ideas on what would be a good story for season 2.

As a result, they did not understand each other where to take the series. The producers chose to end the story rather than go back down and embrace what Ryan considered a watered-down script, though they still believed in it. According to Ryan, this was part of their initial series schedule. Given the incredible feedback and massive success, he didn’t want to spoil the series by taking it in the wrong direction.

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Fans Were Disappointed

Most media outlets that report on season 2 of Mad Dogs tell the same story as Ryan. It seems that the show was initially shown as a closed 10-episode series, which was more similar to a miniseries than a continuous film. But Amazon was given the possibility to extend it to more seasons if necessary.

Though fans are unquestionably sad to see the show go, they should be happy they didn’t get their favorite show tamed. Most shows go past their premium and end up losing their fan audience. Enjoy your episodes and binge on them every chance you get!

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