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Love Alarm Season 2: When It Will Return On The Screens?

South Korean series is very popular on Netflix. Love Alarm, a South Korean series is running successfully on Netflix. The first season of the series gained immense popularity.

When Will The Second Season Of Love Alarm Release On Netflix?

In August 2019 the first season of the series premiered on the digital platform. Due to its immense popularity, the series was renewed for another season. There have been rumors that the second season of the series will release in August this year. But there has been no official announcement about the release date of the second season of Love Alarm.

Has The Series Been Affected The Spread Of Coronavirus?

The production work of the second season of Love Alarm has been affected by the ongoing pandemic in the world. A few shots for the second season are still left to be shot. But due to the threat of coronavirus, the production house halted the shooting of the second season. The production house is not disclosing any news related to the release date of the second season of the popular series. The viewers of the series can expect the second season to be released sometime in December this year.

Love Alarm season 2: Fans are already desperate for a second ...


The Premise Of Love Alarm

Love Alarm has been adapted from a hit South Korean webtoon. The series shows how people meet with the use of a mobile application. A company has launched a new dating app for users. The owners of the app get to know if a person within 10 miles from them likes them. The mobile application is connected with the heart of the user. It can detect what lies in the heart. The app which helps people fall in love causes problems between two best friends. Both friends are the users of the mobile application. Through the app, they both fall in love, but with the same girl.

The Cast Of Love Alarm

Kim So-Hyun is seen as Kim Jo-jo. Kim Jo-jo is a bright and beautiful young girl. She is always cheerful. Song Kang is seen as Hwang Sun-oh. Hwang Sun-oh works as a model. Jung Ga-ram is seen as Lee Hye-Yeong. Lee Hye-Yeong and Hwang Sun-oh are good friends.

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