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Christmas Miracle: One-Year-Old Girl Fight For Life After Declaring Dead Twice

A one-year-old girl shows signs of life after she was declared dead twice after falling into a swimming pool.

The baby, Lillian Talboys, is now in a dangerous condition and being treated in Arizona at Cardon Children’s Medical Center.

Fire and Medical crews appeared at the girl’s house in Mesa on Friday after an emergency call and find out that family members had pulled her from the swimming pool.

It has not been confirmed by authorities that how long the baby was in the water, but a GoFundMe posted by relatives stated that she slid and fell in the swimming pool while playing in the backyard with her three brothers.

Lillian Talboys’ oldest brother was standing just inside an outside door when he heard yelling and ran to discover Lillian floating on her back in the swimming pool.

His older brother jumped into the pool and pulled his sister out, and smacked her on the back to try and revive her.

Lillian’s mother quickly started CPR and chest compressions, but the baby was unresponsive.

Baby Lillian was hurried to the hospital where the trauma staff proceeded to try and bring her back to life, but she was declared dead.

Her mother believed she still felt a soft heartbeat, and the hospital staff again attempted to continue to revive Lillian, but she was declared dead for the second time before 12 pm. 

While waiting for a medical examiner in a room, Lillian’s mother declared she could still feel a heartbeat and even felt her daughter grab her hand.

Medics stated that Lillian had passed away and that these were remaining brain impulses until her mother continued to maintain Lillian was alive. Resuscitation attempts continued, and a CT scan was directed.

Lillian is now in a critical condition with a regular heartbeat and on a ventilator after she was revived at about 3 am on Saturday.   

Her father said that “She’s fighting, fighting, fighting.”

The Mesa Police Department detective Jason Flam said that “There are no suspicious factors. It’s just a very unfortunate incident.” 

A GoFundMe page for the baby entitled “Baby Lillian, My Little Christmas Miracle” has been created by the family. The family said that Lillian is on a ‘heart and lung bypass machine.”

The GoFundMe page read as “She is still fighting sedation. It’s day by day, hour by hour right now.”

The page further stated that “We are in continuous prayers to the Lord, in our hearts and minds, with gratitude and thanksgiving as we see this as a true Christmas miracle despite the obstacles surrounding her.”

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