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Lilly Allen And David Harbour Are About To Get Married

Stranger Things actor David Harbor and English lyricist Lilly Allen think Lilly Allen plans to take their courtship to another level after her engagement to Leo Lo-ki is confirmed in May. According to a TMZ report, the celebrity couple acquired a wedding license in Las Vegas this past weekend of September 6. Therefore, Love Birds has one year to say ‘Yes, I agree’ before the license expires in September 2024.

Lilly Allen and David Harbor got married in Las Vegas.

Lilly Allen and Beau David Harbor may soon be seen embarking on the journey, as the couple reportedly obtained a marriage license last week. Though, according to public records collected by the online portal, no marriage certificate has yet been submitted, suggesting that Lily and David must be married for a year before the license expires. The outlet’s report also indicated that the couple may have already married, but have not yet submitted a certificate.

However, the two have yet to confirm any reports. In May this year, the smiling singer wore an engagement ring in a mirror selfie over her ‘ripped’ body and her ripped abs on her Instagram. When asked by a spontaneous fan about the sparkler in the comment section of the post, Lily simply commented, “First engagement club rules. See post below:

Lily Allen and David Harbour obtain marriage license in Las Vegas | Metro News

Image Source: Metro

To dissenters, Lilly and David apparently began seeing each other in August 2019. Neither has officially spoken about their courtship over the past year, with several Instagram posts dedicated to each other, clearly pointing to their solidarity. The powerful couple has yet to announce their engagement. Meanwhile, it appears that soon-to-be-married couples may exchange vows in Las Vegas after obtaining a ‘Sin City’ marriage license. The former couple announced their divorce in 2018 and revealed that they share custody of their daughters, Ethel and Marnie.

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