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Letterkenny Season 9: Will We Get The Next Season? Know The Air Date And Plot Info

Letterkenny is a famous Canadian comedy show created by Jared Keeso and directed by Jacob Tierney. The show has managed to keep its fans entertained by producing eight amazing episodes till now.


The story of the famous show Letterkenny revolves around the two siblings Wayne and Katy. Both the siblings run a small farm and produce stand with the help of Wayne’s friends named Squirrely Dan and Daryl. Besides them, the story also emphasizes Reilly and Jonesy, who happens to be best friends and are involved in an on and off polyamorous relationship with Katy.

Letterkenny Season 9 Returns: Know The Plot, Cast, And Storyline ...
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The story tells about the small-town lives of different types of people mainly – the farmers called the hicks, the out of towners who makes the local ice hockey team, the closeted minister of the town, the skids who were the drug addicts, members of the nearby First Nation Reserve, the local Mennonites, and Quebecois.

Letterkenny Season 9 Release Date:

The season 9 of the hit tv series was said to be released soon after the season 8 got ended. However, because of the problems faced by the filming industry due to the corona pandemic taking place, the upcoming season is put on hold, and no official details regarding its release have been out yet. So, it seems like the fans of Letterkenny might have to wait for a while till the situation gets better.

What Will Happen in Season 9:

As the fans of the series already know about the story of the residents of the Letterkenny in the previous seasons who belong to either of the three groups – Hicks, Skids, and Hockey players. In the previous seasons, we saw that these three groups happen to have conflicts among themselves very often, and also they get into fights. Season 9 is expected to present the lives of these three groups’ grown-up individuals who have never-ending fights and challenges among them.

The Cast of Season 9 :

The 9th season of Letterkenny is expected to return with the cast of its previous seasons who are Jared Keeso who plays Wayne in the series, Nathan Dales who plays Daryl, Michelle Mylett as Katy, K. Trevor Wilson who plays Squirrely Dan, Dylan Playfair as Reilly, Andrew Herr as Jonesy and Tyler Johnston as Stewart. Besides them, Alexander De Jordy will be playing the role of Devon, Dan Petronijevic as Mr. McMurry and Melanie Scrofano will play the role of Mrs. McMurry.

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