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Know What Jim Caviezel Said About The Passion of The Christ 2

What Jim Caviezel has said about The Passion of The Christ 2? What are the recent updates? Here is everything you should know!

What Jim Caviezel has said about The Passion of The Christ 2?

Jim Caviezel says the sequel to director Mel Gibson’s 2004 biblical drama will be “the greatest movie in world history”. The film was a cultural event and a huge box office success despite its many controversies. With a field workplace of greater than $ 620 million, The Passion of the Christ is one of the highest-grossing R-rated movies of all time. At the time of its release, the movie confronted grievance for its immoderate depiction of violence, its ancient and biblical inaccuracies, and perceived antisociality.

Passion of the Christ' sequel still in development
source: Yahoo News India

In 2016, reviews got here to mild of Gibson and creator Randall Wallace operating on a sequel primarily based totally at the revival of Jesus Christ. This changed into observation through the information of his go back to the position of Caviezel in 2018. The latest update came in May of this year when Wallace indicated that they were discussing a sequel.

What are the more updates?

Now Jim Caviezel has furnished extra information at the project, telling Breitbart News that the sequel will be “the excellent film in international history”. Caviezel discovered that the movie might be titled The Passion of the Christ: Reservations and claimed to have examined the 3rd draft through Mel Gibson. It’s clean Gibson is taking his time with the project, commenting on the sooner scope and scale he hopes to reap with the sequel.

Critical reaction to The Passion of the Christ became much less than favorable, with many critics pointing to the controversies cited above. However, some found that the movie was underway. It garnered three Oscar nominations and the box office result clearly demonstrated that the religious film had an audience. If those audiences will see the same number more than 16 years later, it’s hard to predict what Jim Caviezel will say about the script. 

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