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Killing Eve: Do We Get A Season 4 For The Spy Thriller Series?

Popular spy thriller Killing Eve just returned with a brand new third season, and things have never been like anything before! The third season left behind too many cliffhangers this making way for the possible fourth season come back?

Is Hit Thriller Series Killing Eve Returning For The Fourth Season?

While the third season pretty much stressed on the fact that Villanelle was annoyed and not happy with her work anymore, this led to the psychotic assassin making some life-altering decisions. The fourth season will pretty much focus on the aftermath of these decisions. Fans are in for a thrilling ride in the coming season if it gets renewed.

Did Villanelle Kill Her Own Mother? Here’s What We Know.

The third season turned out pretty dark and violent for both Villanelle and the fans who witnessed her killing her own mother! While the assassin made a huge discovery of how the evil inside came for her mother instead, she did the unthinkable! While it also showed Twelve’s most accomplished assassin in a rather disturbed state but the evil is still out there in her. However, there’s a lot that the ruthless assassin is yet to face.

Moreover, the third season saw some major power shifting dynamics with Villanelle making a big decision that she wants out of her life under The Twelve’s thrall. By all means, it can be assumed that she might join MI6 in the upcoming fourth season. The fourth season will also put together the lost pieces for the third powerful woman in the dynamic – Carolyn. She also has a dark past.

The Fourth Season Can Be High On Drama And Action!

Now if the three women unite together in the fourth season, they might work and try to take down Twelve. The fourth season is highly anticipated and the network is yet to announce or update the renewal status. Are would-be lovers Villanelle and we’ve going to come together under Carolyn’s umbrella? That’s what fans need to find out. There might be a kickass gang with the three in it all set to take the traitors down in The Twelve.

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