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Keanu Reeves Reveals He Was Interested And Wished To Play Wolverine In X-Men Movies

Thanks in large part to his portrayal of Ted in the outstanding original Bill and Ted adventure and its sequel Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey, it was unlikely that Reeves was a top-notch star in the early 1990s. Of course, Reeves He would soon outgrow lazy comedy roles to become a legal action star in movies like Point Break, Speed, and The Matrix.

Who’s going to Wolverine in X-men Movie

Although he was bombed in the Matrix sequel, it seemed like Reeves had gone on to star in an action movie, and indeed his entire career came on hiatus. In addition to recreating the role of Neo, Reeves is set to complete the circle in another sense, playing the role of rocker Ted “Theodore” Logan once again in the long-awaited sequel Bill and Ted Face the Music.

Although Reeves has certainly played many incredible and even iconic roles in his career, the actor wishes he had a role to play that he never got. Speaking to SiriusXM (via CinemaBlend), Reeves stated that he always wanted to play the role of the X-Men hero Wolverine, a role that Hugh Jackman made famous on-screen. Reeves clarified again that this is the version of Frank Miller’s Wolverine that he always wanted to play.

Keanu Reeves Wants to Play Wolverine But Feels He Is Too Late ...

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Why X-Men Series Change Wolverine

In 2017, Jackman’s time as Wolverine certainly ended with the movie Logan, though speculation continues that somehow another Jackman could coexist to play Wolverine again.

Then again, Reeves has been known to look young forever, so perhaps with the help of a little CGI, he can portray himself as a young Wolverine in a future X-Men movie. Whoever takes on the character of Wolverine will obviously make it difficult for viewers to forget about the portrayal of the Jackman character, which remains one of the most popular comic book movie appearances. But Reeves will likely be no less than an unknown actor. Status of herself as a beloved star.

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