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Keanu Reeves As Wolverine: Every Possibility Revealed!

Can Keanu Reeves play the role of Wolverine? What are the possibilities? What are the recent updates? Here is everything you should know!

Can Keanu Reeves play the role of Wolverine?

Keanu Reeves has played iconic characters from Neo in The Matrix franchise to the title character in The John Matrix. But even the Canadian star has a role she wishes she didn’t want. This commitment to the audience and realism that aims to go beyond the screen undoubtedly makes him an ideal candidate to play the role of Logan in the Marvel saga.

Keanu Reeves Still Wants to Play Wolverine | CBR
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Although Hugh Jackman seems like an impossible character to change, perhaps with Keanu Reeves, we will have an even more harrowing Wolverine, an extension that fits the fierce mutant like a glove.

What are the possibilities?

The lack of clarity about the actor’s future as an actor within Marvel, rumors have also been responsible for positioning him as the future Ghost Rider. A few months ago, it was also reported, unconfirmed, that both she and Emma Watson were added to the end time of Doctor Strange production in Multiverse of Madness.

While things clear up, or Keanu Reeves decides if he belongs to Marvel -Kevin Feige has tried it on countless occasions- at the moment, we only see John Wick’s contribution to the fourth and fifth action films and the expected return of Neo.

The last audience Wolverine saw in live-action was director James Mangolds Logan, where the character’s story and Hugh Jackman’s portrayal were revealed. Jackman first played the comic book character in the 2000 film X-Men, playing mutants in eight more films, including X-2: X-Men United, X-Men: The Last Stand, X-Men. Original: Wolverine, The Wolverine, and X-Men: First Class, a prequel in which Wolverine made a surprise cameo. After Logan, many have contested names like Richard Madden, Oscar Issac, John Bernthal, and now Keanu Reeves, attempting to fan Wolverine from the MCU.

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