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Katy Perry Slams Tabloid Media Over Taylor Swift Feud

The two successful and A-listers of Hollywood relationship had been the talk of the town for a long while. Both Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are renowned singers all over the world and have had a good relationship with each other. Until one-day things took a sour turn and there began a feud between the two.

The feud was mainly a process of misconception which began with Katy analysing that the song Bad Blood by Taylor Swift was a toll on another artist which the former took on herself. And after that, what could be the result?

Katy Slammed Media Over Taylor

Katy also gave her reply in the same manner through another song, and the feud continued. However, now the two has reconciled are going along well with each other than ever before. It was Katy’s decision who understood that it’s better to forget everything and start again.

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry

Taylor And Katy Now Share A More Stronger Bond

Taylor even told that after Katy’s reconciliation they have like got along bety well and talked for hours and hours which has now made their friendship strong. Katy however, in an interview stated that it is the tabloid media that works as adding fuel to the fire which resulted in more damage to their friendship.

The singer slammed the tabloid media as they always try to show that two fellow women artists cannot stand each other and are always rival to the other. Taylor made the same contention in a recent interview who too blamed the media for overly infusing the audience with rumours about feud or jealousy between two female stars.

This is indeed very true, which needs to be highlighted now as it can damage the reputation as well as the relationship of a person who has earned all of it with sheer hard work and dedication. But now everything is good, and we hope that the two singers remain the same now.

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