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Katy Perry Is In Love With Harry Styles, ‘He’s A Gentleman’

One Direction member Harry Styles has a huge fan following, and fans cannot get enough of his soulful voice and his to die for good looks! Now, it seems like another singing sensation has something to say about him as well, and fans surely want to get in on this one! Take a look at what this is all about, details are given below.

Kate Perry Has Some Beans To Spill About Harry Styles! Here’s What We Know.

Apparently, the Fireworks hitmaker Kate Perry revealed that Harry Styles was aware of her pregnancy even before the whole world knew about the good news. Now, how this happened? Well, it all started when the two bumped into each other on the same flight!

The Two Singing Sensation Bumped Into Each Other On The Same Plane!

Kate Perry recalled and narrated the whole story while hosting a DJ takeover on Scott Mills’s Radio One. When the two were on the same plane, Kate Perry recalls her revealed her pregnancy to the One Direction singer amidst the conversation that the two were having. Kate jokingly said that she didn’t say what else to say! After getting to know about the pregnancy, Harry Styles did something heartfelt that will make your day!

Kate Perry announced welcoming am the newest member via her song Never Worn White, and the whole world was happy. She is also slated to tie the knot with fiance Orlando Bloom. While the world as a whole got to know the news later, it seems like, after a surprising turn of events, Harry Styles knew about it even before Kate Perry announced that she was expecting.

Fireworks Hitmaker Thinks Harry Styles Is An Absolute Gentleman!

Harry Styles, after hearing the news, congratulated Kate Perry and was pretty happy about it. Apart from that immediately offered his seat to Perry as she was standing and conversing. While she politely went on to sit in her seat, she was really impressed and praised the young man. Well, fans sure have one more reason to love him, even more, this time!

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