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Kanye West Spent $50 Million On Saturday Services Last Year

Kanye West saved no setting on his Sunday Service. He says it expense an astounding $50 MILLION to pull it off!!!

He currently plunked down with Nick Cannon for a segment on Nick’s web recording, Gun’s Class, and started greenback figures. With Kanye flaunting, he is more extravagant than Donald Trump.

Kanye West Spent $50 Million On Sunday Service Shows

Kanye says he consumed a huge amount of coins on his Sunday Service in 2019 … with the $50 million being unfurled round for ensemble garbs, flights, dramas, and the entirety of the distinctive working expenses that went with it.

Notwithstanding, remember Sunday Service traversed u. s . last year, with stops at Coachella, Skid Row in Los Angeles, Houston, Howard University in D.C., the own hover of family members residential in Calabasas, his farm in Wyoming, The Forum in Inglewood, Louisiana, Chicago, Ohio, Joel Olsteen’s Lakewood Church, and even Jamaica.

Kanye West claims he spent $50 million on Sunday Services last year, more news | Gallery |


Rapper Also Has Plans To Hire Paparazzi

There been creation costs too for the Sunday Service on Easter at Coachella, pieces of machinery moved heaps of earth to make an enormous slope for the exhibition.

He says the coins transformed into removed from accounts set apart for publicizing his Yeezy shoes. Kanye says he would not like to burn through the entirety of the publicizing batter at the kicks Yeezy’s advance themselves, and he says, so rather, he utilized it to put on Sunday Service. $50 million, it genuinely is a mess of heavenly bread.

Other Updates

Talking on Nick Cannon’s ‘Gun’s Class’ digital recording, he proceeded: It has continually been an idea of mine. I’ll jump withinside the car with a paparazzi; I rent paparazzi. I understand business venture is down ‘reason for COVID, and I am employing. I’ll buy the entirety of the paparazzi organizations. I want to select the exact photographs.

In the interim, Kanye West – who’s directly strolling for President – recently found he wants to make the Christian model of Tik Tok and has an inventive and insightful to artistic creations along the stage on a novel Christian checked model of the application, which may be secure for more youthful children and the world.

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