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Kanye West Declares He’s Contesting For President

This would be a “Late Registration.”

Kanye West declared on Twitter Saturday that he is running for president.

“We should now understand the guarantee of America by confiding in God, bringing together our vision and building our future. I am running for leader of the United States,” the Chicago rapper tweeted with “#2020VISION.”

The post by West — whose subsequent collection was named “Late Registration,” accumulated more than 200,000 preferences inside 60 minutes.

In any case, a 2024 run would be an incomprehensible strategic the “Jesus is King” craftsman and it’s not satisfactory if he’s not kidding.

An unbelievably late Fourth of July declaration implies West has missed every state recording cutoff time for the two significant gatherings and about all state primaries.

He’s blown past, in any event, six state recording cutoff times to enlist as an autonomous competitor, incorporating a few with probably the most constituent school votes, like New York and Texas.

He’d likewise be fighting his preferred lawmaker.

West has drawn some contempt from fans throughout the years for his shameless help for President Trump and the glad wearing of a “Make American Great Again” cap at open appearances.

The rapper made no notice of a White House run during a GQ highlight in May

After beforehand referencing he wasn’t enlisted to cast a ballot, he guaranteed the distribution that he would show up for the 2024 political race.

“I’m certainly casting a ballot this time. Furthermore, we realize who I’m deciding on,” West said at that point.

“Furthermore, I’m not going to be told by the individuals around me and the individuals that have their plan that my vocation will be finished.

“Since think about what: I’m still here! Jesus Is King was No. 1!”

West inferred he was satisfied with Trump due to the condition of the land.

“I purchase land. It’s preferable now over when Obama was in office,” West disclosed to GQ’s proofreader in-boss, Will Welch.

“They don’t show you in school purchasing property. They show you how to turn into someone’s property.”

West seems to have in any event one vote made sure about.

“You have my full help!” his buddy, Elon Musk, tweeted.

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