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Kang Will Be The New Villain For The Upcoming MCU Flick Ant-Man 3

Like the previous two films, Ant-Man 3 will be directed by Peyton Reid. The film will mark the fifth big screen for Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang, who recently helped capture Thanos of Earth’s most powerful heroes in Avengers: Endgame. Like Guardians of the Galaxy 3 and Blade, Ant-Man 3 is an upcoming Marvel movie with no release date yet, which means that until Phase 4 is rolled out, it will most likely be part of Phase 5. It will happen.

Previously, Scott Lang and his friends took Yeljacket (Corey Stoll) and Ghost (Hannah John-Kamen), challenging the enemies of both characters. Ant-Man 3, however, will tie Scott Lang even further if his rival is the classic Avengers villain and future time traveller, Kong the Conqueror. Considering Kang’s reputation in the comics, it will definitely take longer than taking a movie.

Kang Is Ant-Man three But Demands to Be A larger MCU Villain

Essentially one of the best villains the Marvel Universe heroes have met, it’s a good thing that Kang is coming into the MCU, but it’s important that the movies use him to Despite being a technology-established mortal, Kang examined the Avengers extra than the maximum of his divine and superpower opponents. It is a testament to how dangerous it can be to such a dangerous team of heroes like Thor and Hercules as it really is.

Kang the Conqueror Casting, New Avengers Villain in Ant-Man 3 Explained

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Also, the Avengers have one of the most difficult battles, including the story, Avengers Forever. It could be a huge sadness if Ant-Man three receives out of the scope of Marvel’s plans for him. The comic book character forces the Avengers to come together to take them down, again and again, allowing their MCU counterpart to take on big shoes.

What Kang As Avenger 5’S Villain Means For The MCU

Being the villain of Avengers 5, Kang will be a huge influence on the winning MCU going forward. That being said, given the fact that Marvel is not at the top in the endgame and in Infinity War in terms of scale, Marvel cannot make it into a movie-permeating story of the two Avengers and thus their Kang story from the Avengers. It can end with. 5. But, this doesn’t mean that Kang will only be able to make two appearances in MCU.

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