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Jurassic World 3: Is There A Official Announement Yet For Release Date

After a lot happening in the Jurrasic Park film franchise, it was pretty much hinted that it is definitely not the end of it and there’s a lot to come in the Jurassic world. It was soon confirmed that Jurassic World will be coming back for a third film.

Here Are Some Of The Exclusive Details About Jurrasic World Dominion.

The Jurassic World Dominion was announced back in February 2024. Fans will be able to witness the word of dinosaurs yet again on 11th June 2024. While there has been no recent announcement of the release date being changed, the production has been halted considering the recent turn of events.

Some Familiar Faces Might Return In The Third Film Itself!

The screenplay for the upcoming third film will be penned down by Emily Carmichael. As far as the cast members are concerned, Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard will be returning to reprise their respective roles. However, it is also been confirmed that some other characters from the Fallen Kingdom will be playing some major roles.

Fans might be excited to know that even Jedf Goldblum is expectes to retruje in his popular role in the Jurassic World as Dr. Ian Goldblum. Director Colin Trevorrow has explained that there was a reason that his role was limited in the last film and he will yet again return in the upcoming the movie as well. Actor Chris Pratt that several actors will be returning to the third film, although not all names are revealed yet!

How Will The Third Film Focus On The Cliffhanger Left Behind?

While Colin Trevorrow has called the upcoming third film as a science thriller, fans are anxious to know whether this film will take up the pieces left behind by the Fallen Kingdom where the dinosaurs were pretty much out in the world. It was speculated that this film might be the end of the Jurassic film franchise. However, that might not be the case after all! As hinted by the cast itself it might only be the beginning of it! Well, we hope there’s no further delay and we can soon watch in on the big screen.

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