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Ju-On Origins: Is A Season 2 Confirmed At Netflix?

When Netflix announced its horror project, On Ju-On: Origins, fans were eagerly awaiting its arrival. It is based on the epic franchise ‘Ju-on’ aka “The Grudge”, which has generated 13 movies to date.

Ju-On Origins Season 2: Release Date

‘Ju-On: Original Season 1 premiered on July 3, 2024, on Netflix. It consisted of six 30-minute episodes. The decision to turn on or not the second season will depend only on the audience. Because we already know that, in plot terms, ‘Ju-On’ can last for decades: This famous horror franchise has no end.

If the ratings are in line with Netflix’s expectations, a new season will be announced in the coming months. We can expect On Ju-On Origins Season 2 to be released sometime in late 2024.

Ju-On Origins Season 2: Cast

As with the movies, the cast of Ju-On Origins is a feature, most of the victims of the Haunted House curse. Notable stars in Season 1 are:

  • YoshiYohsi Arakawa as Yasuo Odajima
  • Yuina Kuroshima as Haruka Honjo in Ju On
  • Ririka as Kiyomi
  • Kana Kurashina as Ariyasu

We can expect a new roster of stars, with some faces returning from the first edition.

Ju-On Origins Season 2: Expected Plotline

The story revolves around a sinister curse. The family patriarch can trace back to the murder of a woman, his son, and his pet cat. And what happened after that is an endless saga, which tells the same story in a loop.

Origins is a violent series, more focused on how humans can instigate horror. The curse is everywhere, but the story is about atrocities against women and children, generally for men. The show then connects the subplots to the ubiquitous haunting, which is ‘The Grudge’.

It recounts past events that eventually ended up being the events featured in the 1998 movies. It basically has to weave multiple arcs of characters and mysteries to answer big questions about humanity.

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