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Johnny Depp Ultimately Appears On Instagram With An Official Account

Look who is finally on instagram with a bang, we never thought this day would come when we would write about Johnny Deep joining social media, but I guess Quarantine has made everyone too bored.

Johnny Deep came to Instagram on 16the April and gained about 1.9 million followers in just a couple of hours; at the current moment, he has 2.7 million followers.


Johnny’s first post was a picture of himself, sitting surrounded by candles well it looked like he was planning an exorcism!

Johnny posted the picture with a caption that goes like ‘Johnny Depp Ultimately Appears On Instagram With An Official Account.’

A few hours later, Johnny made his second post which was an 8-minute long video, in which he starts by saying:

‘I don’t think I’ve ever felt any particular reason to join social media until now’ But now is ‘the time to open up a dialogue,’ he further said, ‘as the threat of this invisible enemy has already caused immeasurable tragedies and damage to people’s lives.’

Deep made a special request to all his followers he asked them to take care of one another so we can deal with the pandemic as soon as possible, he also said, ‘We cannot and should not succumb to shutting down and giving in to this quarantine monotony.’

He also told his followers to be creative and create things that would help them tomorrow, and it could be painting, learning, drawing, singing, dancing, play an instrument whatever they feel like.

Jhonny also posted a cover of the song Isolation with his friend Jeff Beck, and he says that this song is very fitting for the moment.

We are delighted to have Johnny finally of social media, and we will keep you all updated with his latest posts till then listen to the cover of “Isolation” by Johnny.

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