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Johnny Depp Talked About Struggling With Alcohol From Young Age

The most talented but unfortunate personality in Hollywood is Johhny Depp, he worked hard in every movie, but the odds are always against him. His life was completely changed after the lawsuit with Amber Heard, which nearly declared him as Alcoholic, dominant, and even violent sometimes. However, he is an addict who was evident throughout the times, but Amber’s accusations nearly destroyed his career.

Johnny Depp Revelations

However, it is known that Johnny used to be an alcoholic and engaging himself in doping activities. But recently, he confessed about his struggles with narcotics and alcohol. He confessed some dark secrets such as he starts smoking since the age of 13 and then moves on to alcohol and narcotics later. He adding that he was poisoning himself with such antics at that age and lost out of control and fell sick many times.

Career Decline

The star is facing so many problems nowadays after the lawsuit changing its shape schedule by schedule. He lost some potential roles, and this is not good for 57-year-old. He reportedly fired from the franchise, which he helped to build. He handed ane early exit from being Captain Jack Sparrow again, Can You imagine how much his career graph dropped after such accusations. This is not it; he is also not being considered for the role in fantastic beasts three, which is quite disappointing for the actor.

However, things will change if you didn’t commit those crimes which you were accused of. According to some reports, Amber Heard is the guilty party and made false accusations of ruining Depp’s career. She took the toll and recently got fired from projects like Aquaman 2 and various upcoming projects. In contrast, Disney is considering rehire the actor for potential sixth or reboot of the famous Pirates of The Caribbean.

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