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John Wick 4: Will John Die In Next Installment?

Here is all that a fan of John Wick franchise needs to know about the fourth film of it!

Well, as all the people who love the genre of action know that revenge is not possible to be contained in just three installments, so as of right now, fans are hoping for the fourth movie of John Wick, but will there be one?

As every person who loves the John Wick franchise, as well as actor Keanu Reeves, knows that it is one of the best wholly original film series of the 2010s and is a highly successful one. The reason behind it being a combination of choreographical actions along with a heartwarming universe.

Here is what the plot of John Wick is all about!

Well, if we go on and try to discuss the plot of John Wick, everything is pretty simple. The story throws the entire spotlight on an assassin whose dog gets killed, and this is the main factor that brings the man out of his retirement. But then again, this is not just your regular assassin; this is John Wick, also known as Baba Yaga.

John Wick: Chapter 3' sets up 'John Wick 4'; Asia Kate Dillon ...

In the films, the man is described as a violent one who is brutal, and then his long for revenge is relentless. By the point in time that the fans have been given the third film of John Wick called as John Wick: Chapter 3-Parabellum, our lead guy is off enacting his balletic gun-fu against the might of ruling the High Table. And all this while, this new stuff seems to be just a start.

SO, is John Wick going to die in Chapter 4 of the franchise?

Well, there are widespread rumors that have the loyal fans of John wick, believing that something is going to happen to our favorite character in the next film. These reports suggest that John Wick (The role of actor Keanu Reeves) might die, and the franchise is going to meet an end.

Okay, so to make this point very clear, you have to read carefully. JOHN WICK IS NOT GOING TO DIE IN CHAPTER 4! Also, this is just an assumption at this point because nothing confirms is yet to know about the plot details as they are kept under tight wraps. But it should be known that even a fifth film meant for John Wick is in talks so the creators better not kill their lead character.

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