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John Boyega Steps Down As Brand Ambassador Of Jo Malone

The 28-year-old actor cut ties with the perfume brand after leaving an ad in China and was replaced by Liu Haoran following the ad’s rehabilitation and rehabilitation, despite conceiving, directing and acting in.

John Boyega Tweet His Upcoming Project Details

In a series of tweets, John Said: “I even have decided When I joined the band as their first male international ambassador ultimate year, I made A construction we used to start the campaign. I received a Virtual Award Fragrance Foundation 2023 for Best Media Campaign. ”Your desire is to use my advertising and marketing campaign in China and without my prior consent or notice to a nearby logo, the ambassador is wrong. “The film celebrated my personal story, showcasing my hometown, embracing my friends, and offering my family.

While many manufacturers understandably use numerous worldwide and nearby ambassadors, changing one’s tradition in a manner that isn’t always something you could.

John Boyega Steps Down as Jo Malone Brand Ambassador - Variety

Image Source: Variety

Joe Malone Apologized For Making Mistake

I haven’t any time for nonsense. We are ahead and strong. Blessed are the people. The original version, which was released last year, saw the movie star wandering around Peckham, south London, riding horses and spending time with his family. But after being remade for the Chinese market, the multicultural cast of the original ad was replaced and ultimately did not include any black artists.

Joe Malone has now removed the local version of the campaign and apologized for making a “mistake”.In a statement, the enterprise said: “We make an apology for the error that went into the entirety of the close by John Boyega campaign. He is an excellent artist with a very good imaginative and conscientious and private direction. The concept of the film was personal to John. It was based on experience and should not be repeated. “

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