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Jason Momoa Finally Supports His Friend Ray Fisher After His Battle With Warner Bros

Justice League came in 2017. However, it was reported to be a failure in Box Office. Presently we will get the Snyder Cut of Justice League. The first film flopped as Zack Snyder left the project during the after production because of his girl’s death. At that point, Warner Bros. chose Joss Whedon to complete the production. Whedon did reshoots, which were the main reason behind the failure of the film.

This year it was uncovered by entertainer Ray Fisher, who played Cyborg, that Joss Whedon made a bad environment on the sets of Justice League.

Ray Fisher Allegations Against Joss Whedon For Abusive Behavior

This year, entertainer Ray Fisher assured that Joss Whedon’s conduct towards the cast and group individuals was more terrible. Fisher said Whedon used to behave unprofessionally on the sets, and it was disturbing for everybody. At that point, he included that Whedon’s behavior was upheld by both Jon Berg and Geoff Johns. Fisher said everything regarding Joss Whedon through a post on his social media

Warner Bros. On Ray Fisher Allegations

Warner Bros., as of late, uncovered that Ray Fisher’s charges against chief Joss Whedon are false. At that point, they included that he likewise doesn’t stop for a moment to chat with the third-party investigator who set to examine into Fisher’s grievances. Warner Bros. said that Fisher denied addressing the examiner after numerous attempts.

Jason Momoa Finally Supports His Friend Ray Fisher

Justice League: Jason Momoa Shows Support for Ray Fisher in Warner Bros. Controversy - DCU Direct
Source: The Direct

Reports appear that Jason Momoa is now supporting Ray Fisher in the midst of his fight with Warner Bros. Both the star Momoa and Fisher met with the DCEU in the movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which set up their future parts in Justice League.

Fisher has said he knows a few people who are eager to address professionals about their own record of the Justice League reshoots, and it appears to be likely that Momoa is one of them.

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