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Jack Ryan Season 3: Why It Keeps On Delaying Despite Its Renewal?

It’s been pretty long enough that we last saw the spy agent Jack Ryan making his first appearance on the hit Amazin series! After the second season came and ended on a few cliffhangers, fans are worried about the third season which now looks like a far fetched project. Let us take a closer look into the third season and when is it airing?

Amazon Has Renewed Jack Ryan For A Third Season As Well!

Although Amazon has renewed the show for a third season even before the second season released, there has been a long delay and it seems like the wait is just getting longer with time! So, is the third season happening anytime soon?

Why Is The Third Season Being Delayed For So Long?

It is pretty clear that like.many other series, the production of the third season has fallen into the grasps of the pandemic outbreak which led to the halt of the show. This has extended the delay period for long. Moreover, with John Krasinski being busy with other projects and his directorial movie A Quiet Place 2, it seems like we have to wait for a while longer.

The biggest cliffhanger that was left behind in the second season is how Greer gave in and might not continue his work following his heart condition. Fans would surely miss the duo on the run, however, this doesn’t mean that Greer is not returning! Wendell Peirce has yet not said anything about his return to the series.

Is Mueller Returning In The Third Season Of The Action Series?

One of the biggest mysteries around their season is whether Dr. Cathy Mueller is returning to the third season or not? Her sudden disappearance from the show has puzzled fans and they want to see why such an important character has vanished out of nowhere without any character development, any further. We saw their budding romance in the show which will go on to be a good marriage according to the orisginal story, however, the situation  is not alike in the series. We sure want to know the future of the character in the series.

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