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Missouri Man Charged For Allegedly Making Explosives

A Michigan based man is found guilty of making illegal explosives for the war against the authorities

On June 22, the 25-year-old St. Charles County officers accused Cameron Suboda of three criminal charges related to illegal possession, transfer, manufacture, repair, or sale of illegal weapons.

According to prosecutors, Suboda’s friends called St. Charles County police with concern that he was going to kill a large number of people. They say Swoboda expressed contempt for Black Live Matters protesters and for the reform of criminal and minority justice. He also believes that the government will imply martial law because of the coronavirus and said he could be forced to “go to war” with the army and police.

In an investigation, officers found explosive compounds

ATF agents and members of the St. Charles County Bomb Team went to Swoboda’s home on June 22 and identified a substance containing Tannerite, gunpowder, petroleum jelly, and acetone.

Authorities say Suboda took them to a completely different place where they hid a deposit of grenades and ammunition. Police discovered six M67 grenades. Swoboda is said to have been affixed with BB or steel guns to the inside wall of each grenade. Police also found a 3D printed Claymore mine with BBs also glued inside the car. Police also identified two tube bombs in the bunker.

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