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IT Star Bill Skarsgård Opened Up Regarding Performing Dark Characters

Here is what we know about Bill Skarsgard disclosing how he does not take up just dark roles in the entertainment industry!

Well, well, well, as all the people who are in love with the actor called Bill Skarsgard must be well aware of the fact that this guy is no stranger to the roles which are dark as well as intense.

Bill, who is currently 30 years in age, has been in the horror movie franchise of IT and went on to reprise the role of Pennywise in its two installments. fans have also seen Bill on some other projects such s Castle Rock by the streaming platform provided by Hulu that have all allowed him to tap into the more brooding side of the actor.

Here is what the newest project of Bill Skarsgard on Netflix looks like!

The Devil All the Time is the newest project of the actor which has released on the streaming giant Netflix and all the audience will have a chance to see him take on a role as Willard who he described as having been damaged from the activities that he has experienced during his time in the war.

It' star Bill Skarsgård describes a scene so 'disturbing' it was cut from the film - Insider

Fox News was updated by Bill Skarsgard that he is definitely not just going out and looking in general for the darkest as well as twisted soul to play a part of.

Here is how Bill Skarsgard likes his character to be when he accepts some roles!

Then he explained how he likes things complicated and wants to explore all of it. bill says he likes to explore all sorts of extremities in the psychology of all the people be it in any form.

He said that these kinds of roles encourage him to put himself in the mind of someone that is so far away from a personal experience that people have in themselves. He also disclosed how when he reads the script sent over to him, the thing which intrigues him the most is the characters that spark questions about it.

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