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Iron Fist Season 3: 5 Early Spoilers A Fan Should Know

Iron Fist is one of the Marvel characters seen on Netflix on TV. Now that the relationship between Marvel and Netflix has concluded, the Iron Fist Season 3 does not appear to be an option to air. Yet Jessica Jones got some updates on Danny Rand, also known as the Iron Fist, in the last episode that marked the end of Marvel’s relationship with Netflix.

Within this post, I will address the likelihood of Iron Fist Season 3, whether or not it is ultimately canceled. Please notice before we continue, this post that contain official spoilers from the previous Iron Fist episodes.

Early Spoilers For Iron Fist Season 3

#1. Dany Seeks Randall Out

Danny searches for Orson Randall, the former Iron Fist, and he learns his ability to escape the iron-fist murderer. Danny’s going to relate to Orson like he never had a dad. Orson is more likely to die and encourages Danny to snatch from him Iron Fist powers. Note: the guns were charged at the end of season 2, Danny doesn’t get the real Fist back until he gets it from Orson.

#2. Colleen’s Death

Colleen dies battling the murderer of the Iron Fist. Danny takes the dragon’s chi from her to replicate its power, but he also incorporates a portion of Colleen into it. Danny and Colleen have a special friendship with each other in comics. Colleen doesn’t die, but Danny gives her part of the Fist to defend against the iron fist assassin. Danny kills the murderer of the iron fist.

#3. Pelphrey

Although Butch Cassidy and the third season of Iron Fist inspired by Sundance are unlikely ever to take place on the screen, it’s an exciting tidbit Pelphrey gives fans. Ward and Danny should probably have offered Pelphrey an even more significant role than before in renewing their relationship even further in season 3.

It would have also been fascinating to see if Iron Fist might lean into Danny, as Butch and Ward are Sundance Kid or vice versa, depending on the degree of the Butch Cassidy effect.

#4. A Cliffhanger

Pelphrey continued to say he will “never say never” about his return as a Ward and his desire to make this story come alive, but even he does not know if it will happen. One of the key reasons why some viewers are interested in what Raven Metzer intended for the future in Season 2 was the unfulfilled promise for Iron Fist after the season 2 final. Pelphrey also acknowledges the interest, as he knows that the show “did not end on a bigger cliffhanger.”

#5. Danny’s Mission

Given that the Marvel Netflix series is always present in New York and its surroundings, it seems safe to conclude that Danny’s search for Asia primarily shoots him out of the future. But Colleen, New York’s new Iron Fist, vowed to continue Danny’s mission and protect her town is not. But that is not the case.

The Iron Fist Season seemed to hint specifically that she would come to Luke Cage in the next season, Misty saying that now that she is Harlem’s last suspect, she’s going to call Colleen to help her deal with Luke.

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