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Instagram Deletes Madonna’s Video For Misguiding Information On Covid-19

Celebrities are the main influencers for those who follow them rigorously. However, it does not hold every time that whatever they do or portray is true. While there are positive impacts of their acts on society but the negative ones exist too. And this can lead to the spreading of negativity, anger, and such feelings among the people.

But still many of these stars do not mind doing so by being very open and gutsy to post and share whatever they think. And it does not go well every time as in this case. A few days back, Madonna took to her Instagram handle and shared some pictures that the vaccine for the ongoing Coronavirus or COVID-19 has already been found months back.

It Is Not Only A Shameful But Also An Insensitive Act

But it is not getting introduced to benefit the rich while the poor get exposed to the deadly virus. Ofcourse this is a huge revelation being made, and we need to first ensure its authenticity. And it came out that the news was fake and came from an event in which Immanuel, who has already been discredited because of his acts, claimed that he cured covid-19 positive patients. And because of the same, Instagram and Facebook too down that post and flagged it as false information.

Source: RFI

She Deleted Her Post, Instagram Deleted Her Account

Later Madonna too deleted the post from her account. In today’s fast media times, we need to be very sure of what we would be sharing and posting as there are a hell number of false information around us and can have a very deep impact on somebody else. Madonna, as we know, is quite bold, and this is not her first time taking the topic of Covid-19.

A few times back, if you remember, she posted a video of hers in the bathtub and wrote coronavirus as the great equaliser. Though Madonna may have thought that her post on the covid-19 vaccine would be taken up seriously by her followers, it went completely the opposite as one of the pop stars Annie Lennox types a comment and wrote utter madness.

And we somewhere felt that she is correct in writing so. Everybody of us by now are now really fed up with the ongoing situation and hoping that the vaccine gets developed as soon as possible. And when this would happen, no one would be required to post it on their social media handles because that would serve as the biggest news for this year.

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