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Indiana Pizza Shop Distributes All Profits Earned In Christmas Season To Its Employees

One pizza place in Indiana wraps up the holiday season by giving back to all the profits to its employees.

The employees at the Rockstar Pizza in Brownsburg, Indiana staffs Christmas Day on a volunteer basis, owners Colby and Ron Mathews said. But at the end of the day, the employees who volunteer get the profits of the day he worked.

Seven employees staffed the pizzeria this year, and Colby stated that each person got more than $700 after their local community inundated the shop with food orders.

“They constantly do well, but this year it caught on, and they had a large profit this year,” Colby said by explaining that the staff had initially planned to be open from 4 pm to 9 pm. The phone began going crazy at around 3:00, and at 6:30 the employees called us and asked us that ‘Is there any way possible that we can turn off the phones because we have got 60 orders.’

At about 6:30 the team says that we’re incapable of taking more order as they have much order to satisfied,’ Colby said.

Colby stated that she promotes the Christmas tradition on social media every year, but they have never seen an acknowledgment like yesterday.

“They did a lot more further than I could regularly provide them with as a bonus,” she explained. “It closed up being a perfect night.”

She revealed that she and her husband “basically donate” all the pizza stocks so that they don’t take a dollar of the profits earned on Christmas Day from the staff.

She said that she let them take the store and whatever profit is made they shared between them. It is one of a way to do for them in the holiday season. She said the employees struggled hard and they made it possible. They made every dollar of it, and for some of them, it’s a huge chance and can make a significant distinction to make that sum of money in that short a time.

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