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Indian Matchmaking: What Is The New Netflix Show All About?

The show Indian Matchmaking is based on the concept of arranged marriage that prevails among communities in South Asia. The web series will feature the popular matchmaker Sima Taparia. The ‘Indian Matchmaking’ will shed light on how this traditional custom is followed in the modern era. Here’s everything we know about the new show.

Indian Matchmaking: Release date

‘Indian Matchmaking’ is released on July 16 on Netflix. The show consists of eight episodes. Netflix’s Indian pairing will show how traditional customs prevail in this modern era. The fans are expecting the second part of the show and are excited about the sequel.

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Indian Matchmaking: Plotline

People say that marriages take place in heaven, but in Indian communities, a matchmaker plays an equally important role. The show follows elite producer Sima Taparia. Taparia is from the family of a wealthy business magnate who specializes in marriage alliances. Her clients span the globe from Mumbai, India to Texas, USA.

Sima Tiparia helps those looking for the perfect partner outside of dating apps and marriage websites. Taparia serves its high-end clients around the world, who want to help their children find their partners outside of dating apps and marriage websites. In an eight-part series, we’ll see singles go on their first dates with their families and decide if their date maybe their future spouses.

Indian Matchmaking: Cast

The cast of Indian Matching making includes stars like:

  • Sima Taparia as a marriage consultant
  • Pradhyuman Maloo
  • Nadia Christina Jagessar
  • Vyasar Ganesan
  • Akshay
  • Preeti as Akshay’s mother

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