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Masked Singer: Every Contestants Identity Revealed So Far

In this last season, the show’s producers chose to break the 18 contestants into six groups— Group A, B, and C. Group A was limited to only three singers in the first three episodes of The Masked Singer 3 — Kangaroo, White Tiger, and Turtle. The other two groups have joined each other, and only Banana, Kitty, and Frog of Group B and Astronaut, Rhino, and Night Angel of Group C are present.

From here on, the other participants from all three classes must compete with each other before the Golden Mask trophy winner is announced.

#1. T-Rex (Jojo Siwa)

Besides giving electric energy to T-Rex, the candy lips and toy cannon of the dinosaur hint box were direct references to the Lip Sync Battle Shorties Youtuber host with Nick Cannon.

#2. Swan (Bella Thorne)

We were off on this one, but in retrospect, the clues added up absolutely. The reference to “Sunshine” and Dolphin in one of Swan’s hint packages referred to Bella in Miami, Florida.

#3. Bear (Sarah Palin)

In a twist that nobody saw, the former governor of Alaska was the vivid teddy. The ice skates are a “Hockey Mom” in Sarah’s clue package, while the ash and kings in Bear’s package refer to Sarah’s home country, Alaska, abbreviated to “AK.”

#4. Night Angel

Angel’s Night costume has a lot of bright and glamorous colors, including Jeffree’s vivid palettes in his tutorials on Youtube make-up. Leslie is also a choice because, for some time now, she was a big fan of the series.

#5. Astronaut

Despite the artist’s many references in his title track of the album Wild Blue, many Masked Singer audiences are putting their bets on Hunter. That said, some people think there’s a possibility that Jesse is based alone on the voice of Astronaut.

#6. Rhino

John is a good guess because of Rhino’s pilot uniform; the Grease star got his pilot’s license at the age of 22. Yet Bret is just a fifth of Flight of the Conchords ‘ musical comedy duo.

#7. Taco (Tom Bergeron)

The trolly and VHS tapes in the hint box of Taco suggested that it was Tom all this time. Dancing With the Stars was the primary host for America’s funniest home videos and filmed a song for a Mister Rogers ‘ Neighborhood tributary album.

#8. Mouse (Dionne Warwick)

No famous voice like Dionne’s is masked. In retrospect, any sign now makes sense.

#9. Elephant (Tony Hawk)

As he removed the Elephant mask, the former professional skateboarder surprised everyone. The “carving park benches” in Elephant’s paneling was intended as a reference to Tony’s childhood skateboarding in San Diego Parks. At the same time, birds were an example of the last name of Tony and his skateboarding business, Birdhouse.

#10. Frog

The late Chris “Daddy Mac” Kelly’s former band, Kris Kross, had two albums on gold, a hit song called “Jump,” and its roots in Atlanta. Both of these details fit well with what Frog’s first clue kit showed.

#11. Banana

In Banana’s hint box, the poisonous pufferfish, blue-collar, and bus all point towards Bret, while the link between Jason and Arrested Development and his famous banana frozen booth also makes him suspect.

#12. Kitty

If you know the voice of Elizabeth Gillies, it sounds very much like Kitty’s. But then again, Sabrina sounds like Kitty’s vocals, and the role of the actress in Peter Pan and Tinker Bell –A Pirate’s Christmas seems perfect at matching the pirate-filled hint kit of Kitty.

#13. Miss Monster (Chaka Khan)

The hairspray and the 10th in the hint box of Miss Monster ultimately gave it that it was Chaka Khan. So far, the “Queen of Funk” has won 10 Grammys and is known for her beautiful beauty.

#14. Llama (Drew Carey)

A CD “Sounds of Seattle” plays in the background in conjunction with Llama in a teaser clip for the series. The Whose Side It Anyway turns out? Host is a co-owner of the soccer team of Seattle Sounders.

#15. Robot (Lil Wayne)

The hints revealed that the Robot was “inhuman,” that a skateboard was crashing in a toy fire truck and that “PT” was marked out on a periodic table. Lil Wayne has an album named I Am Not a Human Being, several times had gold hits and albums, and engaged in a skateboarding accident in 2011.

#16. Kangaroo

After being thrust into the spotlight for the wrong reasons, the hint kit about the Kangaroo attempting to “shoot back” has made some viewers assume that Jordyn is. Others, in the meantime, theorize it could be Natalie since she is Australian, and kangaroos are Australian indigenous.

#17. White Tiger

Rob played the New England Patriots, won the Super Bowl LI, and wore the “87” number on his uniform, which fits other signs in the White Tiger’s season 3 opening hint kit.

#18. Turtle

Depending on Turtle’s suite alone, people assume that he is the frontman for the Queen or Green Day. Unlike Turtle, they have a strong rocker look with dark hair and black leather jackets. The Dolphin, though, sounds even more like the “Belle Soul” singer on the vocal line.

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