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Illinois Man Charged For Stabbing Grandparents To Death

A young man is booked for killing his grandparents with a sharp object

A 21-year-old Illinois man was accused of stabbing his grandparents in the Chicago suburbs earlier this week, according to the sources.

Romel D. Tyson was found sitting in a bedroom chair at his grandparents’ home in Markham on Monday after police came in to check the health of 66-year-old Gabriel Tyson Sr. and his wife Carmella Tyson, 65.

Both the victims were pronounced dead

According to the reports, the grandfather was found dead from multiple stab wounds in the living room and the grandmother did not respond in another bedroom. The doctors could not retrieve the victims.

The coroner ruled that both people died as a result of the murder with serious injuries.

Tyson has a history with crime

Romel Tyson has lived with his grandparents since his parole from Cook County Jail on June 22. He was behind the bars in charge of robbery.


City spokesman Michael Taylor said Tyson was charged with two counts of first-degree murder after the Cook County Attorney’s Office approved the charges.

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