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I Am Not Okay With This Season 2: Everything To Know About The Upcoming Season

Charles Forsman’s comic book I Am Not Okay With This has been adapted into a series by the popular streaming service provider, Netflix. It is a coming of age comedy-drama web series. It dropped on Netflix on February 26, 2024. Season 1 of the series was quite popular. Fans of the series are eagerly waiting for season two of the show.

The bloodshed in season 1 finale has left fans with a lot of questions. Will the supernatural dark comedy have a season 2?

Season 2 On The Cards?

Netflix has not announced the renewal of the series yet. It usually waits for some time to see the response the show got before announcing the next season. But, the popularity of the show makes it certain that the show will come with a second season. If the show is renewed, the announcement will come sometime in spring. Season 1 had a total number of seven episodes.


Season 1 ended on a high note. The shadow that followed Syd throughout Season 1, introduces itself to Syd. The identity of the Shadow has not been revealed to the viewers. The whole school got to know about Syd’s telekinetic powers. Season 2 will reveal the mystery shadow person and how school reacts to the discovery of Syd’s powers.

Jonathan Entwistle, director, and executive producer wants Syd’s Character to be shown as the chosen one. Even though Syd hates it but she will have to come to terms with it. The deeper conspiracy will unfold in the next season.

When will The Show Release?

If the show is given a green signal, then the show is expected to stream on Netflix sometime in February 2024.

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