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How to Promote Your Youtube Channel

YouTube is a popular platform for blogging. And even though every niche seems to be occupied already, there is a place for new faces in this vast network. Read an article about the methods of promotion and get your every other 500 YouTube views easily and quickly. 


One of the most important things to do when you are beginning your career as YouTuber is optimizing your profile. The absolute basic information about you and your content is something that can be dropped out of the discussion because that is an obvious thing to do. Then, you must categorize your profile to make the content discoverable. That means that all the titles, keywords, and descriptions have to point out what is your video about.  

Remember to include relevant keywords into the titles of your videos. This will also increase discoverability and help you to gain more fans. 

Another idea for catching new viewers attention is to make a trailer video for your channel. This is like a self-presentation that will pick up the interest of newcomers and its main goal is to make them wanna stay and watch through all your videos. Time to time you will have to update it, as you will accomplish your goals and move forward in your growth. 


Another vital aspect of your development online is the creation of your brand (like Nick Nimmin). Branding will make you stand out from the crowd and also help users to find you faster. To make a personal brand, use the following tips:

  • Think of a logo. It has to be simple enough to be easily noticed and understood even if it is small-sized. 
  • Form representative accents that will help users to recognize you among other bloggers from your niche. It can be a baseball hat or other kind of accessory, your pet, your hairstyle and color, a sign of profession, etc. 
  • Optionally, think of your catchphrase. This little detail can help you to form a personal brand stronger than all others combined
  • Use a chosen color scheme and fonts. As humans rely on visual perception primarily, colors and font style will be easier to recognize for them. 


This tiny image is the first thing a user sees as he finds your videos on YouTube. It helps him to make a decision if he will watch your video or scroll through. So you have to put some effort into making those if you want to attract more followers to your channel. There are some universal hacks that will help you to nail the thumbnail production. First of all, never use stills from your video. Although this option is provided by YouTube, you should neglect it. It would be much better for your public image and discoverability to provide custom pictures for that purpose. 

Remember that the thumbnail has to make a peek-a-boo for what your video is about. Choose the basic colors from your color scheme to categorize your content. Write a short caption that will also help users to decide if that is what they looked for. Prefer portrait photos, where you are smiling or showing other emotions. Help to express the theme of your video with gestures. You will be surprised how good can be the result that thumbnails can provide. 


You can easily increase your views rate with the help of playlists on YouTube. This is a simple method to keep your viewer watching your videos for a longer time. The secret of success lies in the fact that people are lazy beings. Videos that are united in one playlist will play automatically one by one. So many people will just watch them until the end or find other things to do. Of course, the content people see has to be interesting enough, because even the laziest person will turn the video off, if it will be boring. 

Playlists are also working well for dividing your content into groups. It makes the process of exploring your channel more pleasant for new viewers. Besides, this is a good opportunity to mix in more relevant keywords and make finding related content easy. 


Nowadays it is impossible to be a blogger and neglect other popular platforms except your main one. If you have a YouTube channel you want to promote, you should gain a fanbase on other networks, like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Having profiles on different social media helps to expand your audience and grow your blog naturally. To promote your channel, remember a few tips:

  • Don’t forget to update your other profiles with the links to your latest video
  • Make announcements about your video coming soon on other platforms
  • Encourage your followers not only to visit your channel, but to subscribe, leave comments. And like your videos
  • Promote your profiles on YouTube as well, to gain more followers


And one of the most important things to do if you are a YouTuber is interacting with your audience. YouTube is a social platform, and communication is vital to keep your public interested in your content. Talk to your followers and occasional viewers through your videos, reply to them in comments, write comments yourself. Providing giveaways and contests is also a good idea. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and respond to critique you might get. Keep in mind that if people talk about you, it means that they care, and haters are also working as a fuel to increase your rates, even though they might not be aware of it. 

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